Best of Both Worlds

You can enjoy playing whilst earning big with Chickey Chik. Anyone of any age can make money
with our 'Free to Play, Play to Earn' game.

Chickey Chik is also the first NFT and DeFi-based blockchain game released on the Gamepay
platform, and we are determined not to disappoint.

Here are the ways
you can earn

via Chickey Chik

  • Breeding & Selling You can earn by breeding CHIKY NFTs and selling the newly developed progeny in the marketplace for profit.
  • Collecting & Selling Other in-game assets in the Chickeyverse are also NFTs and you can earn simply by collecting and selling Chickey Chik goods on the marketplace.
  • Collecting & Speculating You do not need to wait for the game to start to breed Chikys. Instead, you can start earning early by collecting and speculating on rare Chikys such as those on sale in the NFT Pre-Sales
  • Lending. Make money by allowing other players to play using your Chicky NFTs.

And for extra fun, you can earn cash by winning lucky egg rewards.


You can start earning now!
Here is how

Chickey Chik Referral Program


Earn 20% Commission

Introduce your friends to Chickey Chik NFTs and earn a 20% commission in USDT when they purchase them!

To start sharing, register in our NFT Marketplace and obtain your referral link. It's an easy way to start earning with Chickey Chik. And it's rewarding for everyone as the commission is completely customizable.

Visit our NFT Marketplace and register to get your referral code today.

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A step-by-step guide

To participating in our Referral Program


Go to Gamepay’s NFT Marketplace.


Register using your email or wallet.


Navigate to your user profile, and under Referral Programme, you will be given a unique referral link and a code. ( You don’t need to make a purchase in order to access this code/link.)


The referral link and code can be shared to invite friends and family (referee).

  • To initiate the referral program, the referee needs to register by clicking on the referral link.
  • The referral code shared should be added in during the registration process

Once a successful referral has been made, the referee’s name will appear in your referral bank under the user profile.


Every purchase made by your referee will earn you a 20% commission in USDT.


This commission is customizable, so you can decide how much of a percentage of commission you would like to earn and would like to share with your referral partner.


Gamepay allows you to customize your referral link as per the percentage you would like to share, hence personalizing your commission list.

*Terms and conditions apply.